Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing in Action

Ha! You thought I wouldn't return! Well, here I am and I have every intention of blogging regularly.

Spring has come to us, and with the warm weather comes the energy to move around and get a few things done. I have been sitting since the rains started last fall.

First, I must tell you that Artfest was a wonderful treat for me. I'll make sure I send in my check the day the sign-ups are available this year. I loved taking the classes, spending time with old friends and new friends, and having wonderful meals cooked for me, all in the beautiful surroundings of Port Townsend. It seemed like years since I had been there. We sat on the beach one evening and just breathed in the air, far away from the worries of home and business.

My first class was Assemblage with Annie Lockart, A sweeter woman cannot be found. Everyone in the class had brought boxes of "special stuff" to add to thier work. I took pictures of the tables full of good junk so that I could prove to the DH that I am not the only person who walks with her head to the ground and finds old junk irresistable. Soon I will post my efforts. Annie told us that she had begun to write a letter to her students. I wish I had seen that expression of what teaching at Artfest meant to her.

My second day was with Anahata Katkin , learning how to create Symbolic Icons. I used my mom's face to create my icon. Mom deserved it. She is my inspiration for non judgemental generosity. The One and Only Best Grandma in the Whole Wide World will have her face in my next icon. I have the picture chosen.

My last class was Abstract with Mary Beth Shaw, . This tiny woman has big energy! This workshop was on how to do series of abstract paintings. With simple tools the possbilities opened up before us. When doing abstracts I have usually referred to some picture, anything, and blown it up until it is not recognizable. Now, I have another option.

If you know me, you will know that, even though I work in pastel, right now encaustic is my first love. All three of these classes, and the pastel, are incorporated into that wonderful waxy medium, that I think is the most sensual, soft, workable medium around. I love also, that it enables me to take all of my art loves and roll them into one painting. Wax is a great adhesive so I can even stick some of my found items right into a painting.

By the way,not that I am an idiot, but the only reason I am able to blog this evening is that my good friend, Karon,, sat patienly with me at the Royale Cupcake place in Ballard and showed me how to access this page and add to it. Tomorrow I will jog my mind as to how to add the pictures. She showed me that also.


Origami Nightingale said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Binky! I can't wait to read more posts and see your work on this blog.



bridgette said...

hi binky! glad to see you here.

Anonymous said...

yeah! thanks to karon, you are well on your way, sweetie. dying to see the pictures and hear more of your adventures! it's a blast to blog, baby..........oxoxoxxo keep up the good work!

celeste said...

you're back.
looking forward to seeing pictures...
and i want to know more about royal cupcake in ballard!