Monday, March 31, 2008


Here I come. I'm skidding in with both feet forward. Scared! I have no time to talk now but needed a blog address to add to my ATCs for ARTFEST!!! I am so excited I can't see straight. That excitement is displaying itself as extreme paralysis. We are36 hours from the ferry ride and I have put together NOTHING on the long list of things I need to take.

After Artfest, hopefully, time will be by my side and I can sit and ramble on about my life in art and friendships. This, I hope will be the jest of my blog.

One thing I will mention though. I went to one of Nanci Drew's wonderful parties yesterday. It was a pre-artfest event. As usual, her house was chock full of wonderful art and wonderful artists. The talent in that room boggles the imagination. I could ooooh and awe over the pretties I saw there forever. Once I figure out how, I will link to the sites of the people there.

For now, good-bye. I'll see you after the festivities.