Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3:00 AM In The Morning

It's 3:00AM. Do you know where your mind is? Mine is acting like a fireworks booth in flames. I can't seem to shut it down so I'm waiting for it to burn itself out.

Some things I am wondering about:

What/Who controls the medium I work in? I have quite a few shows coming up and want to do something different, something that isn't encaustic. I wonder if I am expected to show encaustic paintings only. I feel like it is what people want to see. Do I need to take the upper hand and do the art for myself rather than the looker? That is the direction I am leaning but I do worry about how it will be recieved.

Is this economy going to pick up any time soon? In this household we are both self employed. The phone is deadly silent. That means no money is coming in. I am thinking I need to find a grocery store that wants to trade signs for food. How do people deal with these times? What are you all doing about the economy and your shringking wallets?

Facebook is a very easy place to lose time. I love getting to know cousins that I haven't seen in many years, or never, but most of what happens there is fluff and fun. I feel like it has replaced my blogging time. That's not good.

Snow...It just seems to keep on coming. It's a really odd weather year here in the northwest.

Again with the food. I think I need to plant a garden this year and do some canning. I wonder how I would go about keeping the beavers and deer away. It's an awful lot of work and would all have to be done by hand.

I had a wonderful visit with a favorite aunt yesterday. We strolled the streets of Portland and ended up eating in a very nice italian place. I've never had polenta so tall and fluffy. I'll be working on that recipe. I suspect egg whites and ricottta have been folded into the polenta before it is baked. It sure was tasty.

I am excited about my Artfest trip in April. I'm looking forward to the time to put all of my energy into art and friends and living in the moment. It'll also be grand having someone else do the cooking.

Hmmmm. These things don't seem worth laying awake for. What is up? No photos this morning but I swear I will be back with some very soon.


Karon Leigh said...

well this post certainly fits your blog title "Ramblings". Worrying is bad for your health Binky. Make art for yourself and don't worry how it is received. You do beautiful work so it doesn't matter what medium!

HeartFire said...

Laying awake worrying is so exhausting... and I think a lot of people are doing that. Time to do what you really love. I say and have always heard, art from your heart will be better. There is always a waiting audience for every art form because tastes are so different and it is all so subjective. Missed you at our 3rd P. meeting. Delorse

WP said...

i have been awake at night recently too, mostly with the economy on my mind. it's hard to turn off the brain sometimes, but i try to envision myself in a really calm setting with my family and when that doesn't work, i just end up counting. worrying is so draining, i try not to let it zap me of energy that's better focused on the things i need to get done, butit's hard sometimes.

Binky said...

There are very wise people stopping by this little blog. I will take the advice of al of you.
Now I will clean and paint.

Anonymous said...

been stressing on some of the very same things, binky. altho, i am glad to know that i am not alone, i am sorry for your mind ramblings that do not shut off at night. this is very stress-producing. i suspect many are concerned in all of this.........what is hte nex thing for us to do? in many areas of life, the question is coming. thinking good thoughts for you today, my dear!

celeste said...

i agree. i make art that i love, that i want to hang in my home - which i do, until a show comes up. sometimes i'm surprised at what sells, most of the time though it's my favorite things i kinda would've liked having back.

missed you at the last Third Place meet-up...see you soon?

start making some trades for ArtFest - thinking of ArtFest is always exciting -- and those little exercises help with big paintings too.

JonesMoore said...

Ha! you are not alone in your 'late night wanderings/wonderings'. Just keep creating...

HappyDayArt! said...

Hi Binky, I came over here from the Artfest yahoo group in curiosity because your name seemed familiar somehow. Have you gone before this? Many times? Well, I just wanted to say that I had a good time reading your ramblings, it was easy to read and I understood where you were coming from in the previous posts all the way to the bottom.

You are a thoughful person. I stay up really late a lot. I am distracting myself I know from the seriousness the world is laying on us by making art and socializing with artists who are mostly fun and interesting people, to me at least. I think you can still have a heck of a lot of fun even though all this stuff is happening and you can still be stressed out too on top of that. Ha, crazy I know.

Nice to meet you Binky. I'll be at Artfest too and maybe we'll see and meet each other. In either case, have a blast!

Catherine Witherell

Binky said...

Catherine, Thanks for the post. Your name is very familiar to me also.
I will be at Artfest. I'm in the building by the water. I'll have to be reminded what room when I get there. The papers are nowhere to be found.
I hope to meet you too.

Deirdra Doan said...

HI I read on the group you have a Art Fest spot for Sale.
Can you tell me about it? I am sorry you are not going.

Anonymous said...

where are you little miss binky rambler, you?? miss your blog posts!!!