Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last minute heads up.

This black and white encaustic is one of the pieces I am showing at

Local Color in The Pike Place Market for the month of September. I did all black and white pieces for this show. I needed to get the black and white out of my systen so I can get back to color. I am feeling a little aprehensive about showing all black and white paintings but the deed is done.

The opening reception is tonight. If you have a few minutes, come join us and enjoy some wine and snacks. I am showing with my friend Karon Leigh in this cool little coffee shop/art gallery. This gallery is right smack in the middle of the market on the brick road.

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bridgette said...

i love the black and white. Would be neat to see them all hanging together. I bet it makes a great visual impact. wish i could have been there.