Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Award time

Yay!! My first award. Shayla has gifted me the "I heart you blog award". How cool is that? She found my blog through Seth at The Altered Page. Thanks Shayla.
My task now is to pass this award on to others.
I think what I will do is to pass along blogs that I adore by people that I know personally and enjoy spending time with.
I never miss Courtney at her Quiet Girl Gallery blog. I love her heart, soul, and artwork. I also love her Healing Nest blog.
I took a class from Mary Beth Shaw at Artfest last year. It was a great class. For those of you going this year I highly reccomend it if you are into abstracts at all.
Meredith is a superb artist and mentor to many.
Gwen is another healer whose blog I enjoy. She is in the group I meet up with about monthly to talk artfest and work on whatever we are doing at the moment. I am always listening to people instead of working.
Celeste is new to the area. I met her right after she moved to Washington. She is also a new mama.
My good friend Karon and I work together when we can. She teaches printing at her studio but is moving to Arizona soon. We will be showing together at Local Color for the month of September. It's a very cool coffeeshop and gallery in the heart of the Pike Place Market of Seattle. I am right now procrastinating rather than finishing up paintings for that show.

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celeste said...

i love your page for the ArtFest 2008 Dorm 202 fatbook!

see you on Sunday?