Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sun Shines

It's been so long since I've posted that I'm almost embarassed. I need to shake that off and talk a little art.

On December 7th, Tracy Helgeson, from one of my favortie blogs, gave away a painting for her birthday. Who do you think won it? It was me,me, me. And I found out on my birthday! I can't believe it. I love Tracy's work and she let me go to her page and pick any painting I would like. Do you believe this generosity? I chose this beautiful piece called Crazy Fields.

Isn't it wonderful? Tracy has recently done some beautiful flower paintings but since I resonate so much with her horizon lines I chose this one to hang in my home.

Speaking of home....this is a photo I took yesterday from my deck. (Sorry about where it placed itself) I feel absolutely no need at all to go out when I have this georgeous view. I am truly blessed. We have more snow than I can remember the last couple weeks. A big storm is coming in tonight too. I know it causes an inconvenience but until we lose power I will be a happy camper. The wood is beside the fireplace in case it gets cold. I have a woodburning stove that I love cooking on so we won't starve. (though, I could live off the fat on my body for months)

The snow is swirling. They say we are going to be hit with 70-90 mile an hours winds. I best post this before I can't

For all of you I wish the very best of the holidays. I hope you are able to tuck in with family, help your neighbors in emergencies, and love life to the fullest.

My next post will have my own art on it since I plan on going down into the studio and putting forth some effort.


Anonymous said...

we blog when we can blog. it's our gig!! no worries. WOW. the painting is beautiful!! congrats, gal!! when was your bday??
your shot in the snow is beautiful, too. it's pretty here this AM. cold and all is blanketed in huge drifts. i don't think i will come out until spring!! (o; blessings on you and your fam this season. have a wonderful holiday, binky........and YES to the new year!!

Tracy said...

Thanks, Binky, so glad you won and that you enjoy the painting. A good birthday gift for me!

Shayla said...

How wonderful for you to have gotten such a beautiful painting. You said it well. Love those horizon lines too.

Your backyard is a wonderland! Woodstove to boot- so cosy. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't stir until spring...

Sue Simpson said...

What a wonderful gift. Has the lake frozen over too? Happy belated Birthday!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.