Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Business of Art

I am popping in to say hello and let you know what has been on my plate.

I've gone back to Edmonds CC and am taking the EDGE Program. It is a professional developement course for artists. How cool is that? It's alot of fun and a tremendous amount of info to absorb. I worry that my mind is not up to the task but the little rational person that sits on my shoulder says "no problem". Thank Goodness!!

I've decided that if I am going to keep making art I might as well do it and mean it. I am excited about what we have learned so far.
Did you know that no one looks down on an artist without a degree? I heard alot of "phews" in the classroom when that tidbit was offered.

Did you know that the days of just hanging out, wearing black, and looking tortured are over for artists? Well, it seems that to make it in art now you have to have business savvy and a nice professional portfolio. That means that you shouldn't be tossing out those little articles done on you like they aren't important.
You should be photographing and cataloging all of your work so you can access it at a moments notice. Yikes!!
You need to know when and where your shows were. I need to do some unearthing of all of this info.
You need to keep your books up. Noooooo!!! I hate bookwork. It is my necessary treat to have a bookkeeper. I don't own a credit card but I hate dealing with money. There was a time when I was good at it but that time is long gone. I think it left when I sold my first painting.
Now the BIGGIE. You need a professional portfolio.
When I hear that I want to roll up like a pill bug and disappear under the desk. Slowly but surely I will meet this requirement.

If you can't get into the EDGE Program for some reason, I think there are templates on Windows for resumes, bio and stuff. It is well worth the research to find out what qualifies as a well written Artist Statement. Every word counts. I thought I had a pretty good one but it is changing.

In the meantime, for the last couple weeks, I have been sporting a splint on my left hand. The other day, while trying to turn my office into a serious work environment and not a playhouse, I somehow managed to get my right hand between a dropping tabletop and something else. I don't know what. ... Pretty sure that my hand was broken I quickly showered , put on clean underwear and went to the doctor. (Hey, I know the rules!) The doc stitched me up, x-rayed and bandaged me. Thankfully, there was no break. The bleeding was bad because I nicked an artery. The stitches come out next week.

Time on the computer is crazy tough when your fingers don't work and they are so fat they hit a few keys at a time. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to do a painting with my teeth or toes. If I do, I'll post it but don't hold your breath. I was afraid it would seem like I was making fun of someone.
For now, I sign off wishing you the most beautiful of Autumn. I can see the wind blowing the golden yellow leaves off the maple tree right outside my office. It is a sight to behold!


celeste said...

hope the healing continues well.
the EDGE program sounds really interesting. would love to hear more.

Kristen Bergsman said...

Oh Binky! So sorry to hear about your hand!

Michele Graves said...

You can see Binky's work (along with the rest of the fall EDGE artists) on exhibit Jan. 15-March 6 at the Edmonds Conference Center and meet the artists at a reception 5-8 p.m. Jan. 15.
Great EDGE post. I linked to it from a college news item at

bridgette said...

oh my gosh, you cut an artery?! hope you heap up fast!

Thanks for sharing about your program. I think that when people come off as professional and put together, it only reflects better on their art. It shows that they take their work seriously and with respect too.

I've been using Working Artist 3.0 to catalogue my work and it's been really helpful.

Sue Simpson said...

I hope you heal quickly. The trees are so beautiful this time of year. Wonderful colors.

Shayla said...

What a nice, newsy post. Your poor hand, though. I cringed when I read that.

Sounds like an excellent course. I'm often surprised by which artists are also self taught that I figured had a degree.